Indigenous Peoples Day: San Fernando

San Fernando is the first city in Los Angeles County to recognize the second Monday of October as Indigenous People’s Day!

(Resolution No. 7703)

While Columbus Day celebrates the destructive ideas behind settler-colonialism: genocide and manifest destiny, Indigenous Day praises the countless human beings and ancestors lost, and the cultures that endured genocide and still continue to persist today, against all odds. 

Indigenous Peoples Day teaches the general public to recognize the lives of Indigenous Peoples as sovereign peoples, both alive and deceased, rather than a minority group. Most importantly, this day gives Indigenous Peoples, themselves, a platform, voice, and sense of co-existence within a still-existent colonial paradigm.

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R to L: James Ramos of San Manuel (San Bernardino County Supervisor, Rudy Ortega Jr. of Tataviam (Tribal President), Mark Villaseñor of Tataviam (Tribal Secretary), and Ray Rivera.




L.A. River Greenway Trail in Studio City

On Friday, September 25,  2015 Rudy Ortega Jr., Tribal President and Mark Villasenor, Secretary of the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians were part of the groundbreaking ceremony for the L.A. River Greenway Trail Project in Studio City! The L.A. River Greenway Trail Project will restore habitat in a first-of-its-kind ecosystem-based design that will plant over 4,000 native trees and plants and install an urban runoff capture system to naturally improve water quality in the L.A. River.

Senator Bob Hertzberg, Esther Feldman, Joel Laskin and Rudy Ortega Jr.

Senator Bob Hertzberg, Esther Feldman, Joel Laskin and Rudy Ortega Jr.

Groundbreaking for the L.A. River Greenway Trail in Studio City

article Knight Introduces Saint Francis Dam Memorial Bill, Castaic Wilderness Act

(Santa Clarita) Congressman Steve Knight, CA-25, introduced the Saint Francis Dam Disaster National Memorial and Castaic Wilderness Act in Washington D.C. Wednesday morning.

H.R. 3153, would authorize a national memorial to commemorate the more than 400 people killed by the collapse of the St. Francis Dam on March 12, 1928, according to officials. The bill would also help educate the public about the historical event.

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Sjutcanga: Going Back Home

An Afternoon of Exclusive Family Sharing and History

The Tribal Historic and Cultural Preservation (THCP) Department is inviting all Fernandeño Tataviam Tribal Citizens and their family members to private tour and history event! You will be able to listen to the expertise of Tataviam Elders about the history of Siutcanga, ask specific questions to State Archaeologist, and reconnect with the pre-Mission significance of this village and its link to Tataviam families.

Tribal youth are welcome and highly encouraged to join. Brochures will be available with information on Sjutcanga, as well as an interactive station for interested Tribal Monitors.

Los Encinos State Historic Park

Additional information: Please call THCP at 818-837-0794 ext. 208.


2014 Veterans Day, Tribe Honors Tataviam Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day 2014, the Fernandeno Tataviam Band of Mission Indians recognizes our living Tataviam military veterans. Tataviam have served in the United States military beginning with World War I. In continuing with that legacy David Rios said he was “proud to serve this country as a Native American.”

And the Tribe is proud of its veterans.

In Formation:

Ted Garcia*
United States Army, 1969 – 1971, Vietnam War

Collin Hebert*
United States Navy, 2008 – 2012, Sonar Technician Submarine Third Class Petty Officer

Dustin Folks
United States Marine and Iraqi war veteran

David Rios*
United States Navy, 1996 – 2000

Jack Rios*
United States Army, April 1968 – January 1970, Vietnam War

*These Tataviam will be honored for serving in the armed forces during the 10th Annual Night with the Stars in Universal City, also known as the Tataviam village of Cahuenga.

Employment Opportunities

Welcome are pleased to announce employment opportunities within the Tataviam territory,CA.Available Openings are updated on a continuous basis. If a position is listed on this site it is currently available.



Available positions

Application for Employment Online Form

Tribal Elder Job Placement

The Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians and Pukúu Cultural Community Services are pleased to announce is part of the national network of organizations to host Tribal Elder Job Placement.

NICOA Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

The National Indian Council on Aging, Inc. (NICOA), through the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), is part of a network of national organizations and state governments that offer the only federally assisted job training program focused on the needs of low income older adults. SCSEP is authorized by the Older Americans Act Title V and administered through grants from the U.S. Department of Labor. NICOA, which has been a grantee since 1989, was awarded a new competitive grant in 2012. SCSEP fits well within NICOA’s overall mission to advocate for improved comprehensive health, social services, and economic well being for American Indian and Alaska Native Elders.


The NICOA SCSEP mission is to provide opportunity for low income elders through:

  • paid  training
  • meaningful community service
  • skills development

The goals of SCSEP are to transition participants into unsubsidized employment so that they can achieve economic self-sufficiency, and to promote useful opportunities in community service.

Who is eligible to participate in SCSEP?

Anyone is eligible that is at least 55 years old (there is no upper age limit), unemployed, and who is a member of a family with an income that is not more than 125 percent of the family income levels established by the Federal government (Health & Human Services poverty levels).  Although NICOA has a special purpose in working with American Indian elders, it is not required that applicants be Native American to participate in SCSEP.

Priorities for enrollment include eligible persons who have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Veteran or qualifying spouse of a veteran
  • Age 65 or older
  • Limited English or low literacy skills
  • Reside in a rural area
  • Disabled
  • Low employment prospects
  • Failed to find employment through the employment One-Stop System
  • Homeless or at risk of becoming homeless

Download and complete the pre-application: NICOA-Pre Application

Learn more visit these websites:
National Indian Council on Aging, Inc.:
California SCSEP state website:

Tataviam Reunion (Days)

Historically the tribal community of the San Fernando Mission have gathered annually. This year family members have organized our annual family gathering.

On June 1st, Tataviam Family members will gather in Mission Hills, California to celebrate our native history and culture, our blood lines, and our many personal family stories. All the familes are warmly invited to attend what might be a one of the largest Tataviam community events.

Potluck, Family games, Children games, and much more…

Order your Tataviam Family Reunion t-shirt today.

Rudy Ortega Jr.
818-837-0794 or

*Potluck Coordinator
Geri Nuñez
661-992-1483 or