The San Fernando Inter-Tribal Council Inc. was created in the 1970s and formalized the Fernandeño Tataviam community efforts to provide mutual support among the families and within the more general Indian community. The non-profit status enabled the Fernandeño Tataviam community to qualify for grants and other sources of funding. Before the 1970s, captains were responsible for raising funds and goods for helping the needy. Gathering toys for distribution to needy children during the Christmas season was a common effort. More recently the non-profit organization was renamed and is now known as the Pukúu, Cultural Community Services. Pukúu means “one” in the Fernandeno language. The Fernandeño Tataviam nonprofit is currently engaged in a variety of projects to enhance the well-being and future continuity of the American Indian community.

Pukúu, Cultural Community Services currently operates numerous programs to strengthen Indian identity, promote self-sufficiency, and nurture healthy family interactions. To serve and target our entire community from children to elders, the programs Pukúu offer are:

  • One Stop Emergency Services Center – aid low-income individuals in emergency situations
  • Fire Disaster Assistance – help Indian families affected by the annual firestorms
  • Stronger Family Fund – encourage placement of foster children within tribal/American Indian homes
  • Chief Little Bear Scholarship Fund – provide scholarships for college education
  • Music LA Cultural Program – strengthen American Indian identity of youth through songs and dances
  • Haramokngna Indian Cultural Center – celebrate the culture of the First Peoples of the Angeles National Forest
  • Job Training and Placement Program – employment and training of American Indians
  • Fatherhood Journey – teaching family nurturing to fathers and mothers for successful child outcomes
  • Elders’ Program – newest service that provides activities and fun for elders

Please visit Pukúu’s website at www.pukuu.org for more information on programs and volunteer opportunities.