Over the last few months, researchers have been analyzing a small, broken olivella grooved rectangular (OGR) bead that was uncovered at Siutcanga, or place of the oaks (Encino) in the 1980s.

Today, we received confirmation that this bead is dated to 5,000 years ago. The bead was found in cultural deposits below stream channel deposits, which implies that this was one of the oldest areas of the site that predated a shift in the location of a stream channel running along the base of the foothills along what is now Ventura Boulevard.

Encino in the 1800s. The truck in the lower right hand corner of the photo is driving on what would later be Ventura Blvd.  The area that the bead was found in predates a shift in the location of a stream running along the base of the foothills, along what is now Ventura Boulevard.  Accessed at

Where are they found? The known geographical range of OGR beads extends from the southern Channel Islands and adjacent coastline up into central and northeastern California, south-central Oregon, and western Nevada. The Tataviam village at Vasquez Rocks also yielded OGR beads!

Family Connections

The Tribe has deep ancestral and historical ties to the land. Ancestors of the tribe were recruited from this village and taken to San Fernando Mission in the late 1700s. On July 24, 1845, three Indians who petitioned for land were provided 4,460 acres of El Encino. Among them was Fernandeño Tataviam ancestor Francisco Papabubaba. His daughter, Maria Rita Alipaz , ended up caring for the land until she was dispossessed by a Spanish settler named Vicente De La Ossa. He owned the adjacent land entitled “Rancho Providencia,” and therefore, Encino increased the size of his holdings.

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The Tribe’s “Ortega” lineage is named after “Antonio Maria Ortega,” the son of Maria Rita Alipaz. However, this lineage was called “Suitcabit” or the Encino Lineage prior to utilizing Antonio Maria Ortega’s surname. Click here to read more about Captain Ortega:

Today, descendants of the Ortega lineage include the following families: Delacruz, Edwards, Espinoza, Folkes, Garcia, Gomez, Gonzalez, Guzman, Martin, Mendez, Newman, Ortega, Peralta, Rios, Rivera, Reyes, Salas, Salazar, Tapia, Traba, Verdugo, Villaseñor, and Ybarra.