The Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians is dedicated to preserving and enriching our tribal culture by celebrating our shared traditions that have given us identity and meaning with a wisdom that still guides our lives.

To honor the memory of those who have struggled on our behalf for dignity, respect, and prosperity, the Tribe continues its commitment to our current and future generations. As a tribal community, we breathe life into our ancestral ways through the following:

Tataviam Days – re-establishing our traditional fiesta complete with singing, dancing, games and activities for children and elders. This year we will be honoring graduates and fathers.

Monthly Cultural Workshops – Our Cultural Learning Director will be hosting monthly workshops to share our songs and dances with tribal members.

Language – The Cultural Learning Director is currently working with two CSUN students to create a Coloring Books for our children and a 3rd Grade Workbook for local area youth.