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A Multi-Lingual People

The Tribe consists of individuals of four historic ethno-linguistic groups originating in the Simi, Santa Clarita, San Fernando, and Antelope Valleys. The local Takic and Chumashan Language groups of the region were subdivided into local dialects that were shared by several villages. Due to this linguistic diversity, the Native Americans who would be called Fernandeño spoke multiple language and dialects in order to communicate with their village and their spouse’s origin village. If villages spoke the same dialects, they did not form a language-based tribe.

Pictured: Fernandeño Native Sétimo Moraga (1855 – 1931) who was also known as Sétimo López, was one of J.P. Harrington’s Fernandeño consultants. He provided many Fernandeño dialect words that are still used today.


Our language may seem invisible to Los Angeles County residents. However, our homelands still carry ancestral names:

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