Indigenous Peoples Day: San Fernando

October 12, 2015 / Comments Off on Indigenous Peoples Day: San Fernando


San Fernando is the first city in Los Angeles County to recognize the second Monday of October as Indigenous People’s Day!

(Resolution No. 7703)

While Columbus Day celebrates the destructive ideas behind settler-colonialism: genocide and manifest destiny, Indigenous Day praises the countless human beings and ancestors lost, and the cultures that endured genocide and still continue to persist today, against all odds. 

Indigenous Peoples Day teaches the general public to recognize the lives of Indigenous Peoples as sovereign peoples, both alive and deceased, rather than a minority group. Most importantly, this day gives Indigenous Peoples, themselves, a platform, voice, and sense of co-existence within a still-existent colonial paradigm.

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R to L: James Ramos of San Manuel (San Bernardino County Supervisor, Rudy Ortega Jr. of Tataviam (Tribal President), Mark Villaseñor of Tataviam (Tribal Secretary), and Ray Rivera.