On October 17, 2016, the Tribe received its first Phase 1 Review : Technical Assistance Letter

The Technical Assistance Review is issued under section 83.26(a)(1)(i) of Part 83 of Title 25 of the Code of Federal Regulations (25 CFR Part 83)“Procedures for Federal Acknowledgement of Indian Tribes,” which became effective on July 31, 2015. The Tribe is among the first tribes to be reviewed under the new (2015) regulations (click  here for regulations).

The full Phase 1 Technical Assistance Letter may be viewed on the Bureau of Indian Affairs website. To view the letter, click here.

The Tribe is in receipt of the OFA’s Phase 1 Technical Assistance Letter. Its Recognition Team is currently gathering supplemental materials and is drafting their formal response. The Tribe is working to produce a response in a timely manner, but is not restricted by a deadline.

What’s Next. Once Phase 1 review of (d) (governing document), (e) (descent), (f) (unique membership), (g) (termination) is complete, the Tribe enters into Phase 2 review, which includes the Office of Federal Acknowledgement’s (OFA) review of (a) (identification), (b) (community), and (c) (political influence/authority) (2015 Regulations: page 37877).

The Recognition Team feels confident that they can provide the requested information and supplemental information in a timely manner to OFA.

Recognition Team. The Tribe is honored to announce that their federal recognition team is comprised of Dr. Duane Champagne, Professor of Law, Sociology and American Indian Studies at UCLA and Vice Chancellor Carole Goldberg, Indian Law and Order Commissioner appointed by President Barack Obama and distinguished UCLA Professor of Law at UCLA since 1972.

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