The Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians (the Tribe) proudly announces the establishment of the Tataviam American Indian Education Center. In 2014 the Tataviam AIEC will launch its kindergarten through high school support services to American Indian students living within Tataviam territory.

The Tribe’s Education and Cultural Learning Department welcomes the Tataviam American Indian Education Center into its family of services. Currently the Tribe operates the Teaching and Mentoring Indian Tarahat (TAMIT) project which helps prepare Native high school students in L.A. County for college. Invested in “Inspiring Brilliance in Native Youth,” the Department strives to empower Tataviam and other Native youth living within Los Angeles.

A Vision. The Tribe is taking an inclusive and comprehensive approach in this project, partnering with urban American Indian organizations and university programs to establish the Tataviam American Indian Education Center, in addition to providing needed services and programming.  The Tribe is committed towards generating a systematic change in the L.A. Urban Indian community, using education to foster healthy tribal communities.

A Community. The Tribe would like to thank our many partners who are committed to the Tataviam American Indian Education Center including the Autry National Center, California State University Northridge (American Indian Studies Program and Educational Opportunity Program), Etiquette Plus Empowerment, Haramokngna Indian Cultural Center, Los Angeles City County Native American Indian Commission, Los Angeles Unified School District- Title VII, Pukúu Cultural Community Services, University California Los Angeles (American Indian Recruitment, American Indian Studies Interdepartmental Program, Early Academic Outreach Program, Fowler Museum, and Tribal Learning Cultural and Education Exchange), University California Riverside – Native American Student Programs, University of Redlands – Native American Student Programs, and Walking Shield Inc. We are grateful to other supporting organizations including Aszkenazy Development Incorporated, United American Indian Involvement, and Valley Economic Development Center.

Contact the TAMIT project to enroll as a volunteer mentor by calling: (818) 837-0794 or via email: