Tataviam Joins Discussions Promoting Tribal Unity

October 27, 2015 / Comments Off on Tataviam Joins Discussions Promoting Tribal Unity


On Sunday October 18, 2015, Tataviam joined the Large Land Base Tribal Nations Task Force discussions, which advocate for the unique issues of the large land base tribes, and aim to promote unity and cooperation among all tribes to preserve tribal sovereignty, lands, culture, and quality of life for all.

In attendance were Tribal leaders and citizens from both federally and non-federally recognized tribes across the United States, joined by Task Force Co-Chairs Maryann McGovern, of the North Fork Rancheria, and Colleen Faden, of the White Mountain Apache Tribe. A blessing from a member of the audience preceded the introduction of the congressional updates on both the “Improving Opportunity in American Welfare Reauthorization Act of 2015” and “Tribal TANF Fairness Act of 2015”. Following this, Patty Ferguson-Bohnee offered a presentation that focused on the various tools that may be utilized by tribes during their federal acknowledgement process.

This Task Force was an excellent training opportunity for Tataviam senators to gain insight on the politics of federal recognition. Discussions on how to achieve tribal unity among both federally and non-federally recognized tribes also took place.

The conference was highly productive and gave Tataviam further opportunity to speak directly to Kevin Washburn, the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs, about their recently submitted petition.

The Task Force ended with an amendment of the existing TANF resolution and a closing prayer.