California Tribe Envisions a Bright Future for American Indian Youth

The U.S. Department of Education awarded the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians a grant to address educational achievement of American Indian high school students throughout Los Angeles County.


The TAMIT (Teaching and Mentoring Indian Tarahat) program is an education and leadership development initiative through community building, using non-traditional and traditional American Indian teaching methods while incorporating Indigenous values to:

TAMIT is the beginning of a modular program focusing on the educational growth of high school students from rising 9th graders to exiting 12th graders. The goal of the program is to foster a system change toward a future where American Indian youth obtain a college education. We will involve the community to provide tutoring and mentorship. After the 4-year support through the Indian Demonstration Grant, we hope to expand the program to create an educational pipeline from pre- to post- education through extensive partnerships with numerous sectors.

Based upon current evidence-based models across the country, TAMIT will provide a “safety net” of social services in addition to the 4 program elements of (1) academics, (2) college preparation, (3) leadership development, and (4) enhanced learning.

Beyond forming a college prep program, the Tribe is committed to system change in the L.A. Indian community. Rather than create 1 large tutoring center, the Tribe took an inclusive, comprehensive approach geared to empower all L.A. tribal communities through the development of partnership with American Indian organizations. Using education to foster a change toward healthy tribal communities, TAMIT proposes 5 key approaches to building a effective program including Sustainability & Collaborations, Community Engagement, Role Modeling, Family Involvement and Capacity Building.

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