Antelope Valley East Kern Water Agency (AVEK)-South North Intertie Pipeline

The project is an installation of a water pipeline in Lancaster, CA. We have met with representatives of AVEK to discuss our concerns about the project. It will be breaking ground in an area likely to unearth cultural resources. Further negotiations are necessary and we are awaiting AVEK’s response. In progress

California High-Speed Rail Authority

The project is a construction of a new railway from Palmdale, CA to Los Angeles, CA. This project will unfortunately interrupt numerous Tataviam village sites. We are currently in the process of ensuring that no culturally sensitive material will be compromised. In progress

Bower’s Cave and Chiquita Canyon Landfill (CCL) (link)

Disney-ABC Studios at the Ranch

Disney plans to construct several facilities on their property in Santa Clarita, CA. The proposed development of this project will result in the destruction of a significant number of oak trees, including heritage oaks. Disney has been reluctant to work with Tataviam in good faith on this matter. It is our hope that both parties can sit down and share our concerns. In progress

Ford Amphitheater

This Amphitheater, located on the side of the 101 FWY in Hollywood, is prone to future damages from potential landslides. To prevent this, they are building a wall that will ensure safety within the Historical site. They will not be removing any native Oak Trees, and will start excavation in the coming weeks with tribal monitors present. In progress.

High Desert Corridor

Caltrans is constructing a new freeway in the Antelope Valley, running from 100th St. in Palmdale to Apple Valley. The western portion of this project has been identified as breaking ground on or near traditional Tataviam tribal lands and may disturb culturally sensitive deposits. For this reason, we will require Tataviam monitors to be present for a length of time to be determined during consultation. In progress

Newhall Land and Farming (Mission Village, Homestead North, Homestead South, Potrero Valley)

Tataviam is deep in negotiations with Newhall Land and Farming (NLF) on their extensive projects. They have been highly responsive to ecological, historical, archaeological, and cultural preservation. NLF is setting the bar for Native American consultation in their openness, effectiveness, understanding, and delivery of action. As a progressive company, NLF is not only ready to enact the letter of the law in consultation, but also the spirit in which the laws have been written.

Santa Susana Field Laboratory (link)

Verizon Wireless Telecommunication Facilities

We have reached a contractual agreement with Verizon for the protection of Tataviam cultural resources in the counties of Los Angeles and Ventura for current and future projects. Complete

Daily, we receive mail from consultation firms on behalf of Verizon Wireless notifying us of proposed cellular telephone antenna facilities. Such equipment generally requires deep excavation in tribal territory.  In progress