Per request of the Boeing, DOE, and NASA, an assembly called the Sacred Sites Council (SSC) has been created to express tribal concerns in regards to the cleanup process and the effects on sacred sites. The SSC is an elected body of various tribal members from various tribes.


Located in Simi Valley, CA, Santa Susana contains cultural resources of several Native American tribes. Proposed action includes demolishing the remaining Department of Energy-owned buildings, debris, and disposal of waste off-site by the Department of Energy, Boeing Company, and NASA. This remains a chemical cleanup that will incorporate tribal monitors to guarantee that culturally sensitive material is not disposed.Rudy Ortea Sr.-Rocketdyne
Chief Little Bear (Tataviam) with Boeing administrators at Rocketdyne in the Santa Susana Mountains. The Chief was registering the site with the State Historical society. He was the leading force in protecting Santa Susana, which is home to numerous sacred sites associated with native peoples.

Burro Flats

Located in Simi Valley, Burro Flats holds polychrome rock art and artifacts associated with Chumash and Tataviam ideologies. It is associated with the Jucayunga village site and is currently owned by Boeing and administered by NASA. Unfortunately, the area is heavily contaminated with radioactivity and toxic chemicals.   santa sus.