Tribal Cultural Resources Jurisdiction

The distinct community of the present-day Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians (Tribe) originated in the lineages, villages, and culture of the pre-Mission San Fernando period. Mission San Fernando was established on September 8, 1797 at the village of Achoicominga and, for the years following, gathered natives from the villages in the geographically surrounding area of Simi, Santa Clarita, San Fernando, and Antelope Valleys, and parts of the Angeles National Forest. Today, the Tribe is composed of lineages associated with Mission San Fernando (Fernandeño) located within the hard boundary depicted in this map. 

Due to kinship networks and social exchange, this hard boundary does not include all of the abundant locations associated with the Tribe’s cultural activity and ancestry. Therefore, a five (5) mile buffer zone outside of the hard boundary accommodates the natural mobility of the pre-Mission San Fernando peoples, which is also known to be well-associated with the Tribe’s sensitive cultural resources.