Tribal Government

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is the administrating body of the government responsible for upholding the Tataviam Constitution, Tribal Code and ordinances.


Rudy Ortega, Jr.
Rudy Ortega, Jr.Tribal President
With strong passion in tribal affairs, Rudy was first elected Vice President for his tribe at the age of eighteen where he assisted in the continuing efforts of the Tribe’s missions of protecting the rights of Fernandeño Tataviam as Native American people. Rudy assisted his Tribe in the reinvigoration of the Tribe’s non-profit, Pukúu Cultural Community Services (Pukúu) to provide community programs to Native Americans living in the Los Angeles County as well to sustain his own tribal community.
Mark Villaseñor
Mark VillaseñorVice President
An active and determined member of his community both culturally and politically, Mark Villasenor is a descendent from lineages/villages of Ta’apu, Siutcanga, and Chaguayanga. Mark collaborates with Federal, State and Local municipalities, as well as other sovereign nations, in efforts to better his tribe. Engaging in civic activity and responsibility, Villasenor has been active in City sponsored initiatives.
Lucia Alfaro
Lucia AlfaroSecretary
Elisa Ornelas
Elisa OrnelasTreasurer