On Wednesday, October 30th, the CSUN American Indian Students Association hosted the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians for a “Whose Land Are We On? A Tataviam Teach-in At CSUN.”

The goal of the teach-in was to inspire dialogue among students to think about creative ways in which the institution can recognize and honor the first peoples of the land that CSUN now occupies.

President Ortega and Vice President Villaseñor share a traditional welcome song.

Cal State University Northridge

The teach-in began with introductions by Scott Andrews, CSUN professor in the English Department and the American Indian Studies Program, and a welcome song by Tribal President Rudy Ortega Jr. and Vice President Mark Villaseñor, who was a past student of CSUN. The introduction was followed by a historical presentation on the Tribe, as well as interactive activites for the students.

The Tribe also held a “Whose Lands Are We On?: Tataviam Teach-In” at CalArts in May of 2019, which was facilitated by ArtsChangeUS. To read about that event, click here: https://www.tataviam-nsn.us/whose-lands-are-we-on-a-tataviam-teach-in-at-calarts/

If you wish to host a teach-in at your institution within the Tribe’s territory, please contact us.