On Sunday, November 11, 2018 (Veterans Day), the Tribe humbly honored its veterans, past and present, at Pasekinga (San Fernando), CA

“Today, we are honoring our Tataviam Warriors, past and present, who endured hardships so that we could be here today as Indian people. Let us remember our ancestors – who fought for these lands in more ways than one, who battled in settler courts to maintain our homelands and who continue to live through us. Let us acknowledge our many families who were among the first to enlist to preserve these lands and are here with us today, spiritually or physically. Today, and every day, we honor you, our Tataviam Warriors.“
-Rudy J. Ortega Jr., Tribal President


Honoring Tataviam Warriors Robert Cooke (L) and John Kenneth Ward (R).

Honoring Richard Bernard Ortega (L) who stands with his family, including his son Tataviam Senator Richard Ortega (R).

Bernice Cooke, Tataviam Elders Councilmember receiving certificate on behalf her late father, Bennie Cooke.

Honoring Richard Reyes (Center R), who is surrounded by family after receiving a Tataviam Tribal Flag

Recipient of the Tataviam Community Involvement certificate, Angel De La Cruz, surrounded by family.

Tataviam Senator Raymond Salas, Robert Peralta, Tataviam Senator Mark Villaseñor

Honoring the late Abel Salazar, WWII Marine

Honoring Richard Bernard Ortega, US Marine

Honoring the late Rudy Ortega Sr.

Honoring the late Bennie Cooke (center)