Tataviam Days

September 7, 2010 / Comments (0)

Tribal News

Tataviam “People facing the Sun” Day is a traditional gathering where tribal families enjoy a potluck, tell stories, play traditional games, sing bird songs in celebration of the summer solstice. This year the Fernandeño Tataviam tribal administration planned a two-day festival on June 19th and 20th, in coordination with the annual tribal meeting “State of the Tribe”.

Tataviam Days was held this year at El Cariso Park in Sylmar, were tribal families gather share and received update news from Tribe. Among the activities a special youth accomplishment ceremony was presented to acknowledge tribal youth for their success in graduating from their school. The awards with a small gift card was presented by Larry Ortega, Tribal President and Cathy Salas, Tribal Senator, Chair of Cultural Education.

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