On May 22nd 2018, the Tribe joined the City of San Fernando in planting trees at San Fernando Recreation Park to celebrate Arbor Day, 2018.

Tribal President Ortega Jr. provided a welcome and introduction to San Fernando Recreation Park, known traditionally as Paseknga by the Tribe, and Tataviam elder Dennis Garcia shared traditional songs at the celebration.

SF City Manager Alexander Meyerhoff, Tataviam elder Dennis Garcia, Vice Chairman of Elders Council Ted Garcia, Elders Councilmember Bernice Cooke, Tribal Secretary Lucy Alfaro, and Tribal President Rudy Ortega Jr.

The San Fernando City Council proclaimed May 22nd as Arbor Day in the City of San Fernando, and urges all citizens to celebrate Arbor Day and to support efforts to protect our trees and woodlands, and to plant trees to gladden the heart and promote the well-being of this and future generations.

L to R: Ted Garcia, Bernice Cooke, Lucia Alfaro, Rudy Ortega Jr., and Dennis Garcia (front)